King Lewanika Lodge

Liuwa Plain National Park
Largely untouched by crowds and paved roads, Liuwa Plain National Park boasts one of the oldest conservation histories in Africa - it was proclaimed a protected area by the lodge’s namesake, King Lewanika of the Lozi tribe in the early 1880s. Newly built, King Lewanika Lodge attains its safari authenticity with canvas drops, indoor and outdoor showers, decks overlooking the vast Liuwa Plain and the use of thatch and grass in the main area. All furniture was curated as a nod to old world safari days using leather, cotton and canvas. The Villas offer total immersion in the vast landscape, allowing you to experience nature’s masterpieces in a simple, sustainable and meaningful way. Raised on wooden platforms, the lodge mimic the vast expanse of the Liuwa plains with an open and airy design. Modern and sleek, yet perfectly in tune with their setting, the villas are open in the front to make the most of the spectacular views. Each villa features a comfortable lounge, a spacious bathroom with an outdoor shower and a wide terrace from which to marvel at the views. With top-notch experienced guides and intimate safari excursions, the lodge brings unrivaled access and absolute…
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exclusivity to the unspoiled region. You can tap into the magic of Liuwa Plain National Park with day and night game drives as well as guided walks. The rainy season, between December and March, brings opportunities for boating and canoeing. This vast, remote and untamed expanse of grassy plain has a huge wildlife population, including the famous Liuwa lions, the second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa arriving from Angola in November and December, and burgeoning populations of cheetah, hyena and wild dog. It is also home to five of the fastest, largest and rarest African antelope - roan, eland, oribi, tsessebe and red lechwe, as well as over 330 bird species. 

Liuwa Plain is an area rich with stories. One of our favorites is the legend of Mambeti and Lady Liuwa. Mambeti of the Lozi tribe was buried close to the lodge. Legend has it she was reincarnated into Lady Liuwa, the lioness and matriarch of Liuwa’s lion pride. Local people believe that this explains why the lioness is receptive to people and spends so much time in the same woodlands area frequented by the elderly lady in her twilight years.


  • 5 Villas with lounge area and private viewing terrace
  • 1 two bedroom Family Villa with lounge area and private viewing terrace
  • En-suite bathrooms with outdoor shower
  • Second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa
  • Unique animal behavior – hyenas hunting in clans of up to 50
  • The only permanent camp in Liuwa Plain National Park
  • Zambia’s most exclusive camp
  • Game drives (day and night)
  • Walking safaris
  • Seasonal boating and canoeing
  • All Inclusive: 3 meals daily, standard bar drinks and house wines, all game activities and laundry
  • Solar power for lighting, battery charging facilities and hot water
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